Most Common Reasons Board Members are Recalled

Recalling board members is uncommon but it does happen. The most common reasons cited for recalling board members follow:

  • Failure to develop realistic budgets leading to special assessments;
  • Not holding the election of directors on schedule and as required by California law;
  • Not treating members of the community equally;
  • Letting members of the community become delinquent in the payment of their monthly assessments without taking appropriate collection action;
  • Allowing the common areas to physically deteriorate;
  • Making costly errors because experts were not consulted when appropriate;
  • Acting in a dictatorial manner;
  • If the community is fairly new, the perception that a board member is too protective of the developer;
  • Failing to comply with the Davis-Stirling Act and California Corporations Code;
  • Undisclosed conflicts of interest;
  • Not allowing members of the association to address board meetings as permitted under the Open Meeting Act;
  • Using association funds to unfairly benefit some members over others; and
  • Cancellation or non-renewal of insurance coverage due to negligence, resulting in high cost replacement coverage.

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