Nomination of Members – Nomination Application

As part of our service, HOA Inspector of Elections mails Nomination Applications to every record owner. Owners can nominate themselves or they can nominate another owner. Most importantly, if an owner nominates someone other than themselves, he or she must obtain the written acceptance of the proposed nominee on a Nomination Application. As the Inspector of Elections, we cannot accept the nomination of a person without their written acceptance.

Also, most importantly, note that signed Nomination Applications are mailed out with the pre-ballot notices. Therefore, it is important for every nominee to complete the optional information part of the application form which provides every nominee the opportunity to provide the membership with reasons to vote for them. Please write neatly or print the information using black ink so that members of your association have no difficultly reading your information.

Inspectors of Election are not required to verify the qualifications of nominees. However, any member can challenge the qualifications of any nominee.

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