Voting to Amend CC&Rs - Clogged Drains

It is common for condominium association managers and board members to learn of a clogged drainpipe where it becomes extremely difficult or impossible for the plumber to determine exactly which owner is responsible for causing the problem.

One solution involves a simple amendment to the association's CC&Rs such as:

Clogged Drains. If a drain line becomes clogged and lit not possible to determine what Unit Owner is at fault, but it possible to narrow down the fault to someone within a group of two or more Units, the Board shall have the power and the obligation to seek reimbursement of the costs pro-rata from those Units within the group containing the Unit Owner at fault.

Note that this is an example of language found in the CC&Rs of one condominium association. Amendments to CC&Rs should always be drafted by an attorney.

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